Aim Of Legend Sniper

Aim of Legend Sniper

Enjoy Best Addictive & Engaging FPS Shooting

You’ll put your strategic military thoughts into the game play by playing the role of Legend Sniper. Your duty is always to take the final kill either starting, middle or last or more than one scenario. Before or after taking the main kill, you’ve to command your allies. Your teammates, the battlefield heroes having different characteristics of assault men, RPG operator, spy & armor operator. You can also call for assistance of armored vehicles, spy drones, attack drones, UAV’s, helicopters and air strikes against gangs & terrorists. Build your own army unit, upgrade equipment, artillery, vehicles and integrate modern weapons to make your army strongest in the world.

Next-Gen & Futuristic Worlds
Recruit new soldiers and next-gen weapon to invade the aliens, mutants and zombie attacks. Fight in the futuristic worlds and create your own experience.
Powerful Weapons with Niche Skins
• Shoot 3D sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns & more!
• Upgrade guns & your battlefield arsenal to strike at evil!
• Collect guns & gear to unlock powers and strike opponents.
Events & Rewards
• Lots of new skins with interesting events.
• Climb higher ranks and unlock your favorite skins.
Real-Time Multiplayer
Play your favorite game modes in real-time multiplayer against real players.
• Team Death Match
• Gun Race (Team)
• Snipers Only
• Search & Destroy
Put yourself behind the powerful sniper rifles and become legend in the battlefield. Five friends mean five heroes are being given a task to eradicate the cruelty of ruthless gangsters and bloody face of terrorists in the New York city & Chicago city.
  • A Free to Play Offline Game Download on your Phone & Tablet
  • Simple & Easy Shooting Game Controls
  • Cool Animations & Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Tons of Thrilling Story-based Missions
  • Advance & Futuristic Sniper Guns