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Real commando Secret Mission
Real commando Secret Mission is entertaining its lovers with blockbuster modes, engaging with thrilling multiplayer combats, fascinating with mesmerizing environment and graphics, ascribing tons of weapons for gripping battle Royale, bestowing on customizable unique loadouts.
Adventure de lost treasure
Welcome to the world of wonders created by Gamexis. A magical place where you have to find a way out of every situation. Are you ready to be a part of a story untold folded into a puzzle?
Aim of Legend Sniper
Put yourself behind the powerful sniper rifles and become legend in the battlefield. Five friends mean five heroes are being given a task to eradicate the cruelty of ruthless gangsters and bloody face of terrorists in the New York city & Chicago city.
GAMEXIS brings a nonstop mind-boggling racing game: Racing Ferocity 3D, exclusively for this run. Get in the cockpit of your favorite sports car and take control of the wheel as it is going to be a ride unimagined. Dismantle and encroach Racing Ferocity and feel the high gravity pull. Your cars are not bound to ride slow and sluggish.
Crazy car traffic racing
Gamexis Inc. Proudly presents new and updated games and one of them is crazy car games 2020. If you are crazy one in car racing game and want to have a lot of fun with Endless racing and drag racing then this new car race game is recommended for you.
Mini car racing
Gamexis inc. brings you all-time favorite highway car games with cool texture and graphics. Are you up for taking challenges with mini car or racing car in circuit tracks? We ensure you to enjoy this offline car racing games a lot because specially designed for kids & according to free racing games.
Ever had a dream to become a car engineer, so you could utilize your skills to make your car look more amazing, GAMEXIS brings everything you ever wanted to do with a car to make it look like your dream car.