Commando Secret Mission

Real commando Secret Mission

Welcome to the world of actions!

GAMEXIS endeavors desperately to entertain you with multi-genre mobile games.
Real commando Secret Mission is entertaining its lovers with blockbuster modes, engaging with thrilling multiplayer combats, fascinating with mesmerizing environment and graphics, ascribing tons of weapons for gripping battle Royale, bestowing on customizable unique loadouts.
80Million+ users have enjoyed these dozens of features on Android & very soon iPhone users will.
Now, what are you thinking of? Squad up with private or public matches for free and tell the world by your player level that you are the NO 1 player.

Free to play Game on Mobile:
Real commando secret Mission is totally free to install and play. Just visit Google play, visit Gamexis page and you will find this iconic game.
Squad up in Private/ Public Matches:
You can play real time multiplayer matches either by making team of your friends or you can join the playing teams around the world. Voice and text chats feature is here to maintain communication with your squad.
Beloved Multiple offline Modes:
If you want to play offline, Multiple mission-based modes are here to entertain you. You can unlock multiple features by enhancing your player level by playing offline levels..
Customizable unique Loadouts:
To have grip in battle field and to play with your favorite weapon; you can customize your loadout. During matches you can change your weapon instantly and can win battle.
If you have no wifi, you can also play this offline game, absolutely free. So quickly download this interesting game of 2019 offered by Gamexis Inc. available on Google Play Store for your android smart phones & tablets.
  • Easy touch and tap controls.
  • Mesmerizing colorful graphics.
  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Sniper gun shooter missions.
  • A huge range of assault Rifles.
  • Realistic assassination missions.