Car Tech

Car Tech: Repair & Design

Repair, Paint, decorate and make your own dream car.

Ever had a dream to become a car engineer, so you could utilize your skills to make your car look more amazing, GAMEXIS brings everything you ever wanted to do with a car to make it look like your dream car.
The gameplay is very interesting with everything readily automated for you. In designing a dream car, all you have to do is make your choice, tap, drag and all done.
First you have to choose your player which will do as you order. The menu to select player includes 4 characters which are locked initially. You can unlock them as you play and earn coins.
The game features seven distinctive car stations with different task to perform in each.

Here in the tire shop, place a jack and lift up the car and unscrew tire nuts.
Select rims as you like and replace the old ones and inflate new tires. Keep in mind, you should not cross the green level or tires will burst.
Electrician Station
The next station is electrician’s shop. You can scan the electric power cuts and replace old headlights with the new ones.
Chassis Repair
Here, you have to weld all the cracks by using a gas welder. Also, remove any rust from under body frame portion. And don’t forget to align wheels.
Car Body Denting
In this station, you have to repair car’s body. You will see scratches, cuts and unwanted holes. Use a hammer to mend these holes and a gas torch to weld cuts and scratches.
Car Wash Station
Cars get dirty when used so you have to wash these cars for a perfect look. You can use different gadgets to complete the procedure following the instructions.
Here, you can modify your car to make your car look more awesome. There is a variety of colors to paint your car and tire rims.
There are vinyl spoilers and custom colored glass screen shades.
Choose what suits best on your car.
Fuel Station
Change the engine oil here and fill up the fuel tank. Also, check for the tire pressure and inflate them properly.
This whole practice will take you to a totally new level of fun. You can tune dozens of cars available in the game.
Simple touch and drag controls makes it more intuitive and playable for players of every age.
So play and enjoy your fun time by tuning your car as you want.
  • Easy touch and tap controls.
  • Mesmerizing colorful graphics.
  • Well balanced gameplay won’t let you get bored.
  • Multiple vinyl and paint colors.
  • Add spoilers to make your car different.
  • Make combinations with different colored glass screens.
  • Dozens of cars to repair and paint.
  • Multiple characters to choose from.
  • Smooth animation and gameplay.
  • Rewards on completing each station.
  • Individual car stations to work in.
  • Numerous repairing tools and gadgets.