About Us

GAMEXIS Inc. started up in the market in “2018”. We believe in, making our own assets in development, marketing and content designing. Now GAMEXIS Inc has grown with more than 25 team members working to bring the quality games for you.
Message from CEO
“In GAMEXIS, we fostered creativity without any excuse and fear of botch. We climbed, we dangled, and we got botched. But we took our hands on the ledge. It taught us how to fight our fears of failures to bring novelties. I say, imagination is the mainstay of initiating new ideas. So imagine, you are creating a world untouchable.”
Message from Head HR
“From imagination to evolution, we start and set new heights. Moving on and let the world follow our footprints is the motive. We don’t work hard, we just make things perfect. But, perfection takes time to get mature. So we keep calm and water the tree of excellence to nurture perfectly.”
Message from Team
“We started fresh, without any training. It was difficult but we had to take chance. It was only one 3D modeler working with ten developers. We were also outnumbered in marketing. But, we worked as a team, small but highly motivated. Our team leader had never been harsh on us. This was the spark in the fireplace which thrived to light the whole company. In GAMEXIS, we work as we play. We help each n’ all like family. And it is always very difficult to leave the family. We think, GAMEXIS carve diamonds, without pressure.”

We are well devoted concerning our quality work and recognizing our team members. We symbolize the million clicks at our games as our user’s trust. Your trust is our first priority to consider.


The highly trained professional team is working hard and raising your interest. Eminence in every category shows the devotion and proficiency of our team. In nut shell, we know how to make things in a professional way.


The well-mannered customer relations team knows the importance of your ratings and comments over our games. That’s why we laud your keen observations and worthy suggestions. We always admire your notable words in all of our new updates.

Bringing the Best

We hold the best motivated team working hard to bring quality in the gaming world. Our games are hovering in the top trending since a remarkable time. Our planning faculty and joint team effort brings the best product in the market.